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About Us

The Bailadoras, Langham Creek High School's drill team, perform at every football game, as well as the pep rallies held prior to the games.  As soon as football season is over, they begin practices for the long contest season, which lasts from December through March.  At the end of contest season they begin working on the annual Spring Show.  During the summer, the team participates in various dance camps to learn the new routines for fall and improve their dance skills.

From the beginning, upon making the team, the girls know that much is expected of them. Their days often begin earlier and end much later than the average student.  Bailadoras are expected to come to all practices and performances, manage their schoolwork requirements, and to set an all-around good example for the other students.  Through these rigorous demands, the girls learn to manage their time and develop self-discipline.  They also learn to work with a large number of girls in good times and through tough times, as well as continue to improve their dance skills.

These achievements, as well as the consistently high marks they receive for their performances give the girls a strong sense of accomplishment.  Not all of the girls make it to the end of this challenging program, but the majority do, and they benefit greatly from the long journey.  They have high praises for the program and the personal growth they achieve by being a part of it.  They admit it is a struggle at times, but those who stick it out believe the things they learned as a Bailadora will last a lifetime.​​

Our History

On May 11, 1984 at Watkins Junior High School, 27 girls were selected to be the charter members of the Langham Creek Bailadoras. The name Bailadoras was chosen because it means dancer in Spanish.  The Director and founder of the Bailadoras was Robin Cerny.


The Bailadoras began their first year of existence at Langham Creek Interim School, now known as Labay Middle School.  The team performed at five football games, several basketball games, and several community events.  There were two dance officers selected every six weeks.  The team also attended numerous dance clinics as participants, and several contests as observers.  Their first Formal was held at the Holiday Inn Crown Plaza.  The Holiday Inn was also the sight of their first Awards Banquet.

Cathy Raffield and Robin Cerny were Co-Directors during the 1989-90 school years.  Cathy Raffield served as Director of the 1990-93 seasons.

Mitzi Phillips began her leadership of the Bailadoras in the 1993-94 school years.  The team continued to grow under Mrs. Phillips’ direction to 72 dancers for the 2006-07 school years. The following season Mrs. Phillips announced her retirement, which began a new chapter for the program under the leadership of Mrs. Whitehead.

Mrs. Jennifer Whitehead continued the program legacy beginning with the 2007-08 season. While under her direction the Bailadoras continued to flourish and improve upon their tradition of excellence.  Mrs. Whitehead was Director of the Bailadoras until her move to San Antonio, Texas in 2010.

Mrs. Barbie Parker was announced as  Director of the Bailadoras beginning with the 2010-11 seasons. Mrs. Parker's creative talents, eye for details, and utter dedication has created a team of champions, girls that dance with heart and grit.  Mrs. Parker was Director of the Bailadoras until the Spring of 2018.  

Mrs.  Hannah Gassett was announced as Director of the Bailadoras beginning with the 2018-2019 Season.  Mrs. Gasset was the Director of the Bailadoras until the Spring  of 2019. 

Mrs. Brynae Love - Young was announced as the Director of the Bailadoras in June of 2019.  Mrs. Love - Young is humbled and proud to be a part of CFISD and Langham Creek. It is her honor to continue the tradition of excellence with the Bailadoras. 

Bailadora Logo

The original Bailadora logo was the silhouette of a dancer doing a lay out from a kneeling position. The Bailadoras held an internal contest around 1986-87 to create a new logo. Holly Larsen (a charter member) won the contest with the current Texas dancer design. It says so much about the dance team- Texas proud!

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