Dear Bailadora Families and Supporters,


Once again, we are selling ads for our Spring Show Program, and we ask for your support. When you purchase an ad, you are not only helping our drill team, but you are showing your special girl how proud you are of her. The money raised from selling the ads help to pay the many expenses involved in being part of the Bailadora team. Details of the various sizes and prices of the available ads are enclosed in this packet. Please remember that this is a high school program and not a professional magazine or newspaper. Due to the high cost of professional services, our programs are created by people who volunteer their time and talent to the Bailadoras. 


Bailadoras have the right to sell ads they sold last year and any ads they sell will then be theirs to sell for their remaining years on the team. If you sold a business ad for the SS 2020, we will be printing those business ads this year as promised. We are still encouraging everyone to sell business and personal ads to ensure that our program is authentic in its variety. 


Types of Spring Show Ads 


Business vs. Personal Ad

Business Ad is any advertisement that mentions the name of a business even if it includes a photo or name of a team member.  Personal Ads are for any family members, friends, and loved ones who would like to give a special dedication to their Dora. This may include pictures, short letters of well wishes, etc. 


Shout Outs

Shout outs are short and small well wishes which do not include any pictures. Shout outs can be dedicated to any member, company, friend group, etc. There will be a character limit on shout outs. 


Suggestions on Creating Ads 


The higher the quality of the original photograph or business card, the better it is going to print in the program.  Choose photos and artwork that have good contrast and that are not too light nor too dark. You may submit colored ads.


When creating your ad in a software program such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, MS PowerPoint, MS Publisher, Canva, etc.  please save as a PDF or hi resolution JPG file. This can be done by choosing the “File/Save As'' function and completing a “Save As” PDF or JPG file. You should change the resolution before you save the file. This is the best way to ensure your ad shows up exactly as you intended in the program. 



Submitting Print Ready Ads 


All ads (business, personal, and shoutouts) must be submitted electronically via email. In addition to the digital copy, please attach a hard copy of your ad to the payment form so that we can verify the fonts and artwork, etc. It is suggested to always double check with the Ad chairperson to ensure your ad was received. Ads which are received without an order form or print ready will not be accepted. Chairpersons will not be creating ads for you. These incomplete ads will be sent back to you with instructions on how to resubmit your ad.  ALL ADS MUST BE SUBMITTED PRINT READY! Only one ad attachment is allowed per email and order form.  


Other Tips: 

  • Do not submit a Xerox copy.

  • Do not use tape or staples anywhere on the front of your ad.

Each button is linked to the corresponding order form.