Bailadora Spring Show Program Ads

Business Ads, Personal Ads and Shout Outs

DUE March 1st, 2019

The Langham Creek Bailadoras are beginning preparations for our annual Spring Show. Once again, we are selling ads for our Spring Show program, and we ask for your support. When you purchase an ad, you are not only helping our Fine Arts Department and the individual girl selling the ad, but you are also advertising your support of our community and students. The money raised from selling ads helps to pay the many expenses incurred by the Bailadora drill team and Theater Arts Department.

Details of the various ad types, sizes and prices are available below. Please remember that this is a high school program and not a professional magazine or newspaper. Our programs are created by people who volunteer their time and talents to the Bailadoras. We know you will be pleased with their efforts.

For the best quality of your ad, we suggest the following:

General Info:

  • The higher the quality of the original, the better it will print.

  • Choose photos and artwork that have a good contrast (not too light or too dark).

  • Color copies may be submitted; however, the program will be printed in black and white.

Digital Copies (preferred):

  • Create in a software program and export(or save) to a PDF or High Resolution JPG file.

  • This can be done by choosing "File/Save As" and then under the file name where it says "Save As Type" select PDF or JPG. When saving as a JPG, try changing the resolution before you save to commercial printing or 300 DPI.

  • Ensure margins/layout in the software program are set at the correct ad size to be printed.

  • Convert fonts to Vector graphics or save as part of the PDF or JPG.

  • Images/Clip Art are originally saved as a high resolution JPG, 300 DPI, if saved from the internet.

  • Submit a digital copy of your ad to Candace Charles (  If your file is too large to email, submit on a CD or memory stick.

Original Copies (Business Cards, etc.):

  • If you do not have a digital copy of your ad, you may submit a hard copy of your ad as long as it is "camera ready"

  • Please do not submit a Xerox copy or use tape or staples on your ad

Click on the type of ad you'd like to purchase.

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